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XX World Congress for Safety and Health

The XX World Congress for Safety and Health at Work 2014 is now over. You can find reports on the events at the World Congress on the website, together with images, background reports and videos from all parts of the Congress.

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Back health and prevention culture in companies

As part of the prevention campaign "Think of me. Love, your back" the IAG surveyed about 2,600 employees and 1,600 company owners about the status quo of "Preventing Back Strain" in companies. The results of these surveys are summarised in a report.

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Networking as a driving force for the culture of prevention

In February 2013, the 3rd International Strategy Conference on Occupational Health and Safety provided a net-work for stakeholders from different policy areas to reflect on and to discuss core topics like accidents/vision zero, well-being at work and diversity.

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Return on prevention for companies (ROP)

Expenditure on prevention is beneficial for companies and represents value-added investment from a commercial point of view. This is the result of an international study by ISSA, DGUV and BG ETEM.

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International Cooperation

Are you looking for international cooperation?

A special section promotes networking on international and intercultural topics within and outside the Institute for Work and Health.

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Practical facilities

More than 20 practical facilities for research, consulting and training activities provide an ideal platform for analysing, assessing and improving work situations and processes.
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Akademiehotel Dresden

Sleep well, work refreshed - in Dresden's green north
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DGUV Congress


Our congress centre is the perfect choice if you are planning an event to delight, move and relax your guests.
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