Occupational safety

Project No. BG RCI 101003750 DIGIECOQUARRY- Innovative digital sustainable aggregates systems

Project No. BG RCI Diisocyanate study Evaluating employees’ health and safety when working with diisocyanates

Project No. FF-FP0379 Development of preemptive methods towards increased work safety at ground conveyors through fusion and analysis of 2D and 3D image sensor data

Project No. FF-FP0434 Determination of the effectiveness of dust collection systems on electric power tools

Project No. FF-FP0461 Development of a new method with the aim of analysing N-nitrosamines in workplace air within the scope of occupational safety - NNOccSafe

Project No. FF-FP0470 Development of additional training elements for the prevention of tripping, slipping and falling accidents supported by the use of virtual reality using the example of companies of steel production and postal and parcel delivery (ENTRAPon)

Project No. FF-FP0489 Auditory localization and situational awareness with level-dependent hearing protection devices – Experimental and model-based investigation of detection, localization, and identification or important acoustic events at noisy workplaces

Fire and explosion risks

Project No. FF-FP0462 Safety-related evaluation of thermal operating stress on safety-critical equipment using the example of composite breathing air cylinders and lithium batteries.

Electric risks

Project No. IFA5166 EMF practical seminars - redesign of the experimental set-ups

Product safety

Project No. FFFP0331 Design and development of a prototype of a central active laser guard for industrial remote high-power laser systems

Project No. FF-FP0472 Minimum size for the detection of pedestrians on a display of camera-monitor systems in a mobile machinery considering realistic manoeuvring conditions [PePaKMS]