Occupational safety

Project No. FF-FP0379 Development of preemptive methods towards increased work safety at ground conveyors through fusion and analysis of 2D and 3D image sensor data

Project No. FF-FP0420 Measurement and evaluation of the optical radiation of various stage floodlights with regard to the damage to the eye and skin (BoSS)

Project No. FF-FP 0429 Influence of tasks on the take-over performance during highly automated driving

Project No. FF-FP0433 Strong together - Professional team training for more safety and less stress in fire fighting

Project No. FF-FP0434 Determination of the effectiveness of dust collection systems on electric power tools

Project No. FF-FP0443 Development of a testing method for the perceptibility of acoustic warning signals with hearing protection in public road

Project No. FF-FP0445 Update of the literature review "Optimal lighting for shift work"

Project No. FF-FP0461 Development of a new method with the aim of analysing N-nitrosamines in workplace air within the scope of occupational safety - NNOccSafe

Fire and explosion risks

Project No. FF-FP0405 Protection of workers in combating incipient fires (SUVE)

Project No. FF-FP0462 Safety-related evaluation of thermal operating stress on safety-critical equipment using the example of composite breathing air cylinders and lithium batteries.

Electric risks

Project No. FF-FO0417 Charging during spraying of liquids - Investigation of practice-relevant processes for the cleaning of small and medium-sized containers

Product safety

Project No.: FFFP0331 Design and development of a prototype of a central active laser guard for industrial remote high-power laser systems