News on International Activities

Dr Gregor Kemper, DGUV (left), Mr Sergey Aleshchenko, Vice-Chairman of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation (right)
DGUV at the Petersburg Dialogue

The focus of the conference in St. Petersburg on 17th April 2018 was set on rehabilitation. Dr Kemper, Director of International Relations, presented the principle of medical, occupational and social rehabilitation of the DGUV.

a blowing European Union-flag, © Aintschie - Fotolia
Proclamation on the European Pillar of Social Rights

During the Social Summit for Fair Jobs and Growth in Gothenburg the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of the EU signed an interinstitutional proclamation on the social pillar based on a recommendation issued by the Commission in April 2017.

a patient with the physical therapy, © BG RCI, Bernward Bertram
The Return on the European Pillar of Social Rights

A new ISSA report confirms that investments in rehabilitation and work reintegration “pay off” for employers, social security systems and society at large.

a piggy bank with European Union-logo, © alexlmx -
DGUV contributes to a new EU regulation

In a statement the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) as the umbrella organization of German labor insurances contributes to the proposed revision of regulations (EC) No. 883/2004 and No. 987/2009 by the European Commission.

a group picture with the participants, © Jan-Peter Schulz, DGUV
Franco-German discussions on accident insurance

Eurogip was particularly interested in best practices with regard to rehabilitation and return to work as well as the economic added value of investment in rehabilitation.