Generic subjects

Project No. FF-FP0403 lidA III – Impact of the changing working life on health and employment among older workers in Germany

Project No. FF-FP0428 Compilation of methods for identifying new forms of work compression and their consequences as well as preventive measures

Project No. FF-FP0431A MouldAntigenDetect – validation of fungi specific ELISA – correlation with cell count (microscopy, qPCR) and colony forming units (CFU) under controlled, reproducible conditions

Project No. FF-FP0431B AntigenSampling – validation of the GSP and AS100 sampling system for the detection of antigens in work places

Project No. FF-FP0444 Light and Shiftwork - Intervention study on lighting and shift work

Project No. FF-FP0445 Update of the literature review "Optimal lighting for shift work"

Project No. FF-FP0451 In vitro testing of the skin sensitizing potency of ingredients from epoxy resin systems with focus on the testing of so-called prepolymers

Project No. FF-FP0459 Extension of the application areas of GESTIS-Stoffenmanager® and Stoffenmanager® for modeling exposures to respirable dusts

Project No. FF-FR0269 Further development and validation of the Hamburger Prognosescores HandAF und HandDAU: Prediction of return to work and time off work in patients with hand injuries in the rehabilitation management provided by the German Social Accident Insurance

Project No. FF-FR0276 Differentiation of aseptic and septic nonunion using molecular biological, histopathological and laboratory criteria

Project No. IAG2730001003-02 CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Project No. IPA177 Occupational safety and mental stress caused by SARS-CoV-2 pandemic


Project No. FF-FP0441 Human-centered digitalized jobs including demands on and possibilities of learning for the elderly


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Project No. FF-FR0268 Evaluation of an ICF-based rehabilitation-concept thermal injuries

Economic aspects

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