Generic subjects

Project No. FF-FP0360 Occupational Mobility – Identification and Tests of Prevention approches

Project No. FF-FP0367 FRAMES – Prewarning system for the adaptive-human-vehicle detection and accident prevention

Project No. FF-FP0395 Serious Game "Culture of Prevention" - The use of Serious Games in occupational safety and prevention

Project No. FF-FP0398Health and safety with questionnaire of Bielefeld - stress analysis - evaluation of measures - prevention

Project No. FF-FP 0403 lidA III – Impact of the changing working life on health and employment among older workers in Germany

Project No. FF-FR0283Thermodilution for hemodynamic monitoring after acute spinal cord injury

Project No. IAG2730001003-02 CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility


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Project No. FF-FP0358 MEGAPHYS- Development of a compendium of methods for the analysis of the risks induced by physical exposures – A cooperative study of BAuA and DGUV

Economic aspects

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Database on occupational safety and health research