Research on rehabilitation

Project No. FF-FR0265 Predicting the rehabilitation outcome after trauma based on the ICF - icf|PROreha

Project No. FF-FR0216 A prospective study on epidemiology and outcome of patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) in BG-hospitals

Project No. FF-FR 0226 Free microsurgical defect coverage using a hemodynamically stimulated and an axial vascularized stimulated soft tissue flap

Project No. FF-FR0228 Establishing ZIEL: ZNS - An interdisciplinary traumatic brain injury database for enhancing the evidence level of medical guidelines

Project No. FF-FR0240 Medium-term clinical and radiological results after high tibial osteotomy - a prospective evaluation

Project No. FF-FR0243 Developing specific sets of screening-indicators and outcome measures for insurants of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) in neurotraumatological rehabilitation

Project No. FF-FR0244 Influence of Anti-gravity Treadmill (AlterG®) on muscular atrophy and periarticular degeneration of lower limb after immobilisation due to fracture

Project No. FF-FR0247 Mobility 2020! More training – more mobility – more participation for wheelchair users

Project No. FF-FR0250 Gene expression analysis of neurogenic heterotopic ossification around the hip joint of spine injury patients by microarray technique

Project No. FF-FR0251 Clinical trial about the after-treatment of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using hamstring tendons with and without wearing an orthosis - a prospective randomized study

Project No. FF-FR0256 Isolation, neurotrophic potential and transfer-suitability of olfactory "Ensheathing" cells as a prerequisite for neuronal regeneration after spinal cord traumata

Project No. FF-FR0260 The influence of percutaneous collagen induction with medical needling on patients with burn scars - prospective, controlled study

Project No. FF-FR0265 Predicting the rehabilitation outcome after trauma based on the ICF - icf|PROreha

Project No. FF-FR0266 Characterization of the systemic kinetics of effector molecules of the epithelial immune response and microRNA in severe burn injuries and sepsis

Project No. FF-FR0268 Evaluation of an ICF-based rehabilitation-concept thermal injuries

Project No. FF-FR0269 Further development and validation of the Hamburger Prognosescores HandAF und HandDAU: Prediction of return to work and time off work in patients with hand injuries in the rehabilitation management provided by the German Social Accident Insurance

Project No. FF-FR0272 Immunhistochemical analysis of sensory nerve endings in ligaments of the wrist, distal radioulnar joint, interosseous membrane of the forearm and elbow joint: a cadaver study

Project No. FF-FR0273 Prognostic relevance of changes of proteomics in patients after traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Project No. FF-FR0276 Differentiation of aseptic and septic nonunion using molecular biological, histopathological and laboratory criteria

Project No. FF-FR0280 Systematic investigation and comparison of diagnostic modalities in implant associated infections and infected non unions

Project No. FF-FR0283Thermodilution for hemodynamic monitoring after acute spinal cord injury

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