Accidents within scope of pupil accident insurance

  • The term 'pupil' refers to children in schools, nursery schools and day-care facilities, pupils at general schools and vocational colleges, and students. By analogy, the term 'school' also refers to children's day-care centres and institutions of higher education.
  • In the area of pupil accident insurance, any accident which results in treatment by a doctor is reportable. In 2022, due to the abatement of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated normalization of the situation in schools, 987.391 reportable accidents at school were recorded, representing an increase of about 50 % from 37 to 55,5 per 1,000 students.
  • New pensions resulting from accidents at school increased by 11 %, to 345. Thus the risk of a serious school accident decreased from 0.022 to 0.019 per 1,000 students (- 14 %).
  • The number of reportable school commuting accidents rose by 42 % to 88.718 compared to the previous year. The risk of an accident on the way to or from school increased to almost 5 per 1,000 students (+ 41 %). The number of new pensions resulting from school commuting accidents decreased by around 17 % to 156 cases.