Occupational medicine

Project No. FF-FB0227 Influence of long-term maintenance of physical activity on mental health of patients with occupational lung and respiratory tract diseases for a stationary medical treatment in the BG Clinic for Occupational Diseases Falkenstein

Project No. FF-FB0241 Marker-based follow-up of patients with non-muscle-invasive low/intermediate risk bladder cancer (UroFollow)

Project No. FF-FP0365 Application of dynamic olfactometry for MRI examinations of sensory irritant effects

Skin and respiratory diseases

Project No. FF-FB0096 Medical-occupational rehabilitation of work-related dermatoses - optimizing and quality-management of an integrated interdisciplinary medical and educational programme of tertiary prevention

Project No. FF-FB0259 Verification of new molecular markers for early diagnosis of lung tumors for follow-up examinations (PURE - Lung Verification)

Project No. FF-FP0391Prevention of the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) - minimization of occupational factors

Project No. FF-FP0401Prevention of occupational skin diseases in apprentices with exposure to epoxy resins (EpoxSafe@School 1.0)

Project No. FF-FP0412 The toxicological effects of particles relevant for occupational medicine: Influence of particle size, particle shape, and particle surface

Project No. VMBG06#025 "Med 24" - Study on the cutaneous tolerance of different cleaners and on the protective effect of skin protectants


Project No.: FF-FP0399 Irritative effects: Modulation and course of chemosensory effects – Module "Sensitization" (Modulation of local effects by allergic rhinitis and chemical sensitivity)


Project-Nr. FF-FB0257 Pilot study for the project "Ovarian cancer and asbestos exposure (ORKAN)"

Project No.: FF-FP0321 Pilot study to assess the influence of shift work on health - Analysis of the influence of shift work to metabolomic concentration- and hormone profiles on nurses

Database on occupational safety and health research