• Prevention pays off

Prevention pays off

Creating working conditions under which people can work safely and healthily is not only an important social factor but also makes economic sense. Sustainable occupational safety and health not only improves business operations and processes but also reduces costs. Improved working conditions and appreciation of the work done by employees increases their motivation and minimises lost time due to accidents and illnesses. The question asked by many companies is whether workplace prevention pays off financially for the company. In a national and international study on Return on Prevention (RoP), it was proven that OSH and profitability are not mutually exclusive.

The German Social Accident Insurance Institutions help companies and educational institutions with a broad range of prevention measures and prevention services. The aim of prevention incentives is to motivate companies, institutions and insured persons to get involved in OSH because they believe in it. This is also a way for companies to experience first-hand the link between OSH and profitability.

The aim of the next prevention campaign on Culture of Prevention is to raise awareness of safety and health as an important value for all people, for all organisations and for society as a whole, as well as to integrate safety and health into how people think and act. The goal is to have safety and health as the benchmark for all our actions and, on our own initiative, to consider safety and health as important criteria for all decisions in order to establish a culture of prevention in every company and institution. Vision Zero is the goal of a comprehensive culture of prevention.