Working conditions

Biological and chemical hazards, exposure to hazardous substances

Project No. FF-FP0461 Development of a new method with the aim of analysing N-nitrosamines in workplace air within the scope of occupational safety - NNOccSafe


Project No. FF-FP0458 Collaborative project: Integration of activity-specific load alternation to reduce the physical demands during takt work


- no projects at this time -


Project No. FF-FB 0275 Synergistic effects of UV radiation and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in the development of squamous cell carcinoma - systematic rewiev and machanistic study

Project No. FF-FP0439 Setup of a UV emission measurement system for manual laser beam welding processes and execution of extensive quantitative measurements for the user’s risk assessement


Project No. FF-FP0297 Epidemiological Case-Controlstudy to assess the risks of frequency-dependent occupational hand-arm-vibrations

Project No. FF-FP0297 Single shocks on hand-arm system caused by machines and tools