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Cover image of the current IFA Dust Report, showing a range of work situations in which dust can occur

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The new IFA Dust Report on occupational exposure to dust in Germany (from "Focus in IFA's work No. 0420")
Source: IFA

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Title Number
Are track welders exposed to PAHs? 0282 (PDF, 136 kB)
Benzene measurements in a range of working areas 0370 (PDF, 597 kB)
Cadmium and cancer: Summary of epidemiological studies 0049 (PDF, 116 kB)
Combinations of PPE – falling safety, respiratory protection and protective headwear 0107 (PDF, 480 kB)
Conversion from inhalable to respirable dust 0415
DGUV’s GESTIS DNEL database 0353 (PDF, 192 kB)
Diesel motor emissions and lung cancer: a summary of epidemiological studies 0169 (PDF, 114 kB)
Dioxins at the workplace 0063 (PDF, 89 kB)
Do surgical masks also provide protection to medical personnel? 0296 (PDF, 103 kB)
EGU Recommendations Hazard Identification of the Accident Insurers (EGU) 0122 (PDF, 471 kB)
Emissions from laser printers and copiers 0276 (PDF, 121 kB)
Exposure associated with additive manufacturing methods (3D printers) 0397 (PDF, 196 kB)
Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in German hospitality venues 0297 (PDF, 91 kB)
Exposure to quartz at the workplace 0110 (PDF, 105 kB)
Flammability of respiratory filters 0034 (PDF, 253 kB)
Formaldehyde exposure in pathology 0425
Formaldehyde in preclinical medical training 0369 (PDF, 123 kB)
Gas-tight fit of respiratory protective devices 0094 (PDF, 118 kB)
GESTIS database: scientific criteria documents 0264 (PDF, 118 kB)
GESTIS International Limit Values database 0265 (PDF, 190 kB)
GESTIS-Stoffenmanager®: Quantitative Estimate of Inhalation Exposure 0352 (PDF, 115 kB)
GESTIS-Stoffenmanager®: Risk assessment in accordance with TRGS 400 0351 (PDF, 96 kB)
GESTIS substance database on the Internet: www.dguv.de/ifa/gestis-database 0125 (PDF, 228 kB)
GHS column model for the assessment of hazardous substances 0341 (PDF, 178 kB)
Indoor workplaces – investigation of the working environment 0149 (PDF, 399 kB)
Internet information portal for the hazard black spot of container freight 0285 (PDF, 128 kB)
Laser-beam machining 0028 (PDF, 394 kB)
Leukemia and benzene exposure 0217 (PDF, 217 kB)
Low-dust methods in the construction industry: wall chasers 0261 (PDF, 470 kB)
Measurement system for exposure assessment (MGU) 0021 (PDF, 200 kB)
MEGA evaluations for the preparation of REACH exposure scenarios 0356 (PDF, 244 kB)
Modelling and simulation of the filtration of ultrafine particles 0364 (PDF, 360 kB)
Nanostructured materials: grouping with regard to occupational safety and health and risk minimization 0409
Narcotic gases at anaesthesia workplaces 0081 (PDF, 129 kB)
Occupational exposure limits for hydrocarbon solvent mixtures (RCP) 0392 (PDF, 208 kB)
Occupational health and safety and elevated ozone concentrations in the environment 0061 (PDF, 99 kB)
Olfactory disorders caused by substances at work 0405 (PDF, 122 kB)
OMEGA hazardous substance software 0231 (PDF, 290 kB)
Ototoxic substances 0310 (PDF, 118 kB)
Permeation of breathing tubes by PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) 0184 (PDF, 105 kB)
Permeation of PCBs in transformer oil through chemical protective gloves 0337 (PDF, 115 kB)
Permobil – a compact device for permeation measurement 0304 (PDF, 105 kB)
Publication of 3rd edition of updated occupational disease report on OD 1317 0404 (PDF, 114 kB)
Respiratory exposure to foreign substances in the atmosphere at hairdressers' workplaces 0005 (PDF, 110 kB)
Respiratory protection against ultrafine particles 0233 (PDF, 148 kB)
Size selective dust sampling 0197 (PDF, 96 kB)
Storage life of used respiratory filters 0105 (PDF, 114 kB)
Sulphuric acid at workplaces: comparison between thoracic and inhalable aerosol fractions 0329 (PDF, 99 kB)
Test gas device for the realisation of round-robin tests 0183 (PDF, 235 kB)
The GDA Hazardous Substance Check NEW 0426
The IFA's MEGA exposure database 0207 (PDF, 98 kB)
The new IFA Dust Report on occupational exposure to dust in Germany 0420
The use of luminous bacteria for the assessment of air quality 0220 (PDF, 139 kB)
Toluene in publication gravure 0127 (PDF, 530 kB)
Toxicity of the constituents of paper and of paper dust 0326 (PDF, 116 kB)
Tracer gas measurements for the assessment of HVAC measures 0133 (PDF, 344 kB)
Ultrafine aerosols and nanoparticles at the workplace 0302 (PDF, 89 kB)
Ultra-fine particles at the workplace 0160 (PDF, 117 kB)
Vapours and aerosols arising from cooling lubricants 0045 (PDF, 142 kB)
Ventilation in production shops and workshops 0066 (PDF, 200 kB)
ZED central exposure database https://zed.dguv.de 0384 (PDF, 133 kB)

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