Hazards due to physical load/ergonomics

(Information sheets "Focus on IFA's work" and "Focus on IAG's work" as pdf-files)

Test person during the laboratory test holding a mop

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Musculoskeletal loads arising during floor mopping with different types of mop handle (see "Focus on IFA's work, No. 0421")
Source: IFA

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Title Number
Analysis of the effectiveness of exoskeletons 0406 (PDF, 126 kB, non-accessible)
Awkward body posture strain resulting from work on overhead high-voltage power lines 0155 (PDF, 122 kB, non-accessible)
Back strain campaign: Development of the CUELA back monitoring system 0343 (PDF, 133 kB, non-accessible)
Biomechanical stress analysis of squatting and kneeling postures 0308 (PDF, 283 kB, non-accessible)
Code of practice: avoidance of musculoskeletal diseases amongst interior decorators 0267 (PDF, 140 kB, non-accessible)
CUELA activity system for analysis of physical activity 0311 (PDF, 105 kB, non-accessible)
CUELA Feedback: Using a smartphone to check body posture 0376 (PDF, 110 kB, non-accessible)
ErgoKiTa: Prevention of musculoskeletal stresses in nursery schools 0378 (PDF, 117 kB, non-accessible)
ErgoKita: results of the project evaluation 0414
Ergonomic analysis of grinding tasks in structural steel engineering 0177 (PDF, 289 kB, non-accessible)
Ergonomic redesign of a crane operator workplace in a waste incineration plant 0164 (PDF, 120 kB, non-accessible)
Ergonomic study of specific dynamic office chairs 0292 (PDF, 168 kB, non-accessible)
Ergonomics at call-centre workplaces 0178 (PDF, 112 kB, non-accessible)
Ergonomics at sewing workplaces 0118 (PDF, 209 kB, non-accessible)
Evaluation of an ergonomically designed ironing workstation 0322 (PDF, 106 kB, non-accessible)
Exposure of machinists to back stresses/further development of the G 46 Principle 0380 (PDF, 118 kB, non-accessible)
GonKatast – a register of measured values on knee-straining activities 0313 (PDF, 218 kB, non-accessible)
Handling aids reduce exposure in masonry work 0245 (PDF, 129 kB, non-accessible)
Investigation of dynamic office workstations in operation at the workplace 0408 (PDF, 116 kB, non-accessible)
Knee protection 0191 (PDF, 397 kB, non-accessible)
Laboratory study of the efficacy of dynamic office workstations 0379 (PDF, 131 kB, non-accessible)
Measurement of musculoskeletal loads with the CUELA measuring system 0013 (PDF, 129 kB, non-accessible)
Measuring movement and posture in the shoulder-arm region 0124 (PDF, 166 kB, non-accessible)
Musculoskeletal loads arising during floor mopping with different types of mop handle 0421
Musculoskeletal strain and stress in a joiner’s workshop 0156 (PDF, 133 kB, non-accessible)
Muscoskeletal workloads during pulling and pushing hospital beds and wheelchairs 0389 (PDF, 137 kB, non-accessible)
Physical loads during patient transport on staircases 0386 (PDF, 211 kB, non-accessible)
Physical stress profiles at checkout workplaces 0321 (PDF, 119 kB, non-accessible)
Reduction of stress upon baggage handlers and ramp agents at airports 0312 (PDF, 105 kB, non-accessible)
Stresses for police officers arising from the wearing of body armour 0374 (PDF, 326 kB, non-accessible)
Use of one or two screens: physiological parameters and performance 0390 (PDF, 180 kB, non-accessible)

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