Focus on IFA's and IAG's work

Tablet with IFA frame and emergency stop button

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Demonstration model of the IFA tablet frame
Source: IFA

With the latest supplement in May 2018 the following information sheets were added or actualised to the "Focus on IFA's and IAG's work" series:

Title Number
Occupational exposure limits for hydrocarbon solvent mixtures (RCP) 0392 (PDF, 208 kB)
A new app: evaluating the incentive to defeat protective devices on machinery 0395 (PDF, 228 kB)
Exposure associated with additive manufacturing methods (3D printers) 0397 (PDF, 196 kB)
Use of tablet PCs and smartphones for machine control 0398 (PDF, 191 kB)


Title Number
Measurement system for exposure assessment (MGU) 0021 (PDF, 200 kB)
OMEGA hazardous substance software 0231 (PDF, 290 kB)
Practical support in the development of safe machine control systems 0279 (PDF, 245 kB)
DGUV's GESTIS DNEL list 0353 (PDF, 192 kB)
MEGA evaluations for the preparation of REACH exposure scenarios 0356 (PDF, 244 kB)
Physical loads during patient transport on staircases 0386 (PDF, 211 kB)

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