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The database is a compilation of occupational exposure limits for hazardous substances based on (at present) 35 lists of limit values sourced from 29 countries: indicative occupational exposure limit values and binding limit values of the European Commission, national lists from 17 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom) and the lists of limit values from Australia, Canada (Ontario and Quebec), the People's Republic of China, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea and the USA. Limits for 2312 substances are listed.

The names of the substances were taken from the national limit value lists in observance of chemical nomenclature. We therefore particularly recommend the use of CAS registry numbers for searches. Synonyms of the chemical names used here can be found for example in the GESTIS substance database. To call up the limit values for a hazardous substance, enter the name or CAS number in the search field or select the substance from the alphabetical list. Both occupational exposure limits for an eight-hour shift (Time Weighted Average, TWA) and short-term concentrations (Short Term Exposure Limits, STEL) are listed in a clear, tabular form for each country. Further information, such as the skin absorptivity or the dust fraction, can be found in individual footnotes.

The database was developed in conjunction with an international group of experts.

Limit values set by the individual expert bodies and authorities differ in the criteria for their derivation, the level of protection which they offer, and their legal relevance. The short-term values and dust fractions, for example, may also be based upon different definitions. Comprehensive explanations can be found in the original lists of limit values, which should be consulted as primary sources. This database serves solely to provide an overview of the limit values in various countries.

In 2024, the database was recreated and its content updated with the aid of a modern programming language. The change in programming language is reflected in new functions such as the planned future links between GESTIS-ILV and other GESTIS products and improvements to updating, as well as in a more modern user interface and responsive web design. Errors can now be eliminated in real time. In future, GESTIS-ILV will be updated up to four times a year instead of annually.

Use of the database and liability

The database may be used free of charge for occupational safety and health purposes, i.e. for obtaining information on analytical methods for chemical substances. Commercial distribution of the data, and their inclusion in full or part in other information systems, is not permitted. Care was taken during creation and maintenance of the data in the database. However, no liability can be assumed for this data on any legal basis whatsoever. A tabular overview indicates when the list of limit values for a country was last updated. No responsibility can be assumed for the content of external websites to which links are provided.

The application is browser-independent; it has been tested with Chrome and Firefox. It can be used on all standard desktop and mobile devices.

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