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Ongoing projects:

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Virtual scene in a factory hall

Production section for risk assessment

high resolution (JPG, 412 kB) 2018:
IFA5146 Development of a qualification module for risk assessment using virtual reality
Virtual scene with avatar on Airbus wing

Safety training in virtual reality for fall prevention

high resolution (JPG, 187 kB) 2018:
IFA0500 Entwicklung eines VR-Schulungstools zur Ergänzung einer Unterweisung zur Höhensicherung und Absturzprävention

Recent projects:

All sources: IFA Project information
sketch of a dynamic VR planning model

Development of a dynamic VR planning model

high resolution (JPG, 67 kB) IFA5135 The use of virtual reality for OSH in standardisation of river locks
Course of events of the accident outlined in the virtual space

Simulation of a virtual accident in SUTAVE Laboratory

high-resolution (JPG, 83 kB) 2015:
retrospective analyses of accidents involving elevating work platforms during inspection work
Virtual outline with measured data

Virtual presentation of a goods vehicle on a loading ramp

high-resolution (JPG, 195 kB) 2014:
IFA5129 Feasibility study on the realization of an information video on the potential risks associated with the use of lifting platforms on goods vehicles for unloading
Plan view of an outline of the travel paths

Floor projection of travel involving mobile elevating work platforms in SUTAVE Laboratory

high-resolution (JPG, 115 kB) 2014:
Internship Report on virtual work processes with mobile elevating platforms (German)
Laboratory arrangement

SUTAVE MiniLab during preparation for the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2014

high-resolution (JPG, 309 kB) 2013:
IFA5118 Evaluation in virtual reality of a master switch with an emergency stop for elevating work platforms
Virtual presentation of a river lock embedded in a photo of the environment

Montage of the virtual planning model on the Kochendorf lock

high-resolution (JPG, 3.1 MB)
IFA5122 Virtual reality for the risk assessment of planned river locks
Augmented reality: person standing in front of a virtual elevating platform in a virtual industrial hall

Montage concerning an accident blackspot in the use of mobile elevating work platforms

high-resolution (JPG, 2.9 MB)
IFA5118 Evaluation in virtual reality of a master switch with an emergency stop for elevating work platforms
Outline of a robot safety zone in a virtual work environment

Visual presentation of 3D safety zones

high-resolution (JPG, 156 kB)
IFA5116 Protective devices employing 3D safety zones on machines: use of VR methods to monitor safety distances

Simulated human being and robot in a virtual work situation

Test arrangement during virtual human-robot collaboration

high-resolution (JPG, 212 kB) 2012:
IFA5115 EsIMiP – Efficient and safe interation in production

IRobot in the laboratory

Real industrial robot at the IFA

high-resolution (JPG, 464 kB)
IFA5110 Validation of a system for the simulation of interactive virtual environments
Lathe in the scientific workshop

Lathe in scientific workshop at the IFA

high-resolution (JPG, 616 kB) 2010:
FF-FP 0279 Development of an interactive virtual environment to evaluate usability tests in work safety applications - Investigation of the usability of protective devices of work equipment in commercial sectors