Media for VR (projection, HMDs, etc.)

graph of SUTAVE Lab

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SUTAVE Laboratory, seen from above
Source: IFA

botth with SUTAVE MiniLab

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SUTAVE MiniLab at the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2014
Source: IFA

wall projection

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Source: IFA

Stereo view in HMD

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View of the projection in SUTAVE HMD for investigations of accidents involving elevating platforms

Simulated mixed environments are virtual environments augmented by real work equipment. A range of media are used for their presentation. For studies and trials employing virtual reality for occupational safety and health (OSH) purposes, the IFA makes use of:

  • A laboratory with a 24 m2 projection screen (SUTAVE Laboratory)
  • A small VR laboratory with a 6 m2 projection screen (SUTAVE MiniLab)
  • A mobile projection facility for demonstrations (SUTAVE Mobile)
  • Smartglasses and head-mounted displays for individual viewers (SUTAVE HMD).

In the IFA's SUTAVE Laboratory, users are immersed in virtually infinite working worlds - of today and the future - with the aid of a 24 m2 projection area.

Two further systems exist:

  • SUTAVE HMD is used to project work situations in front of users' eyes by means of a head-mounted display: the panoramic view of the virtual worlds appears almost limitless.
  • SUTAVE MiniLab and SUTAVE Mobile are used for demonstrations away from the IFA's site. They display the same virtual working worlds as SUTAVE Laboratory, but on a smaller projection area. SUTAVE Mobile is a wearable virtual environment with virtual work situations "to go".

For specific OSH applications, SUTAVE Laboratory and SUTAVE Mobile are supplemented by projections with SUTAVE HMD - enabling the prevention activity of tomorrow to be designed today.


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