SISTEMA libraries


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The SISTEMA libraries interface
Source: IFA

In SISTEMA, safety-related parts of a control system (SRP/CS) are engineered from subsystems, blocks and elements - components for industrial use which can generally be purchased commercially - for which the user enters various values and information. Component manufacturers describe these data, for example in data sheets or in catalogues, but may also make them available to SISTEMA users in the form of SISTEMA libraries (see screenshot). The benefit to the user: he can copy these data from a library into a SISTEMA project, quickly and without error.

Listed below are manufacturers known to IFA as providing SISTEMA libraries. The list is updated regularly and may be accessed from SISTEMA directly (Menu bar of SISTEMA Library GUI: Help -> Manufacturer Libraries). Manufacturers will be added to the list on request to IFA.

In addition, you can find libraries in VDMA 66413 format on the VDMA website.

Conditions of use

Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung (DGUV)/IFA - Institut für Arbeitsschutz point out that the SISTEMA libraries listed here are provided and generated by the respective companies. They underlie the conditions of use as given on the companies' websites.


DGUV/IFA cannot be made liable for SISTEMA libraries listed here as being up to date, correct, complete and/or free of faults. Neither can DGUV/IFA for whatever reason be made liable for any damage.