Training materials for epoxy resin applications

If epoxy resins have to be used, those carrying out the work must receive comprehensive training on epoxy resins.

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Worksheet for the vocational college
Source: DGUV

Numerous studies have demonstrated that employees are willing to wear protective equipment when they are aware of the health-related risks associated with epoxy resins.

Therefore, a comprehensive training of the employees is essential before starting on any jobs involving the use of epoxy resins. Ideally, this training should be provided as part of a lesson in vocational colleges, as this setting also allows the employees to learn about the development of skin diseases and the consequences for later professional life.

As part of the EpoxSafe@School 1.0 project funded by the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) , a wide range of teaching materials for vocational colleges were developed (in German only). The teaching staff can vary the way they use this material, choosing to use it for complete teaching blocks or individual units. The offer includes instructions for practical tests which can be performed during the lesson.

Additional teaching materials (in German) on the topic of activities involving the use of epoxy resin can also be found in the DGUV School Portal.

Training material (in German)

Educational material for vocational schools from the EpoxSafe@School 1.0 project

DGUV educational material in the School Portal

EpoxSafe project

EpoxSafe@School 1.0: Prevention of occupational skin diseases in apprentices with exposure to epoxy resins (project description and final report)


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