Assessment system for epoxy resin products

In most cases, epoxy resins cannot be replaced by less hazardous products. In order to enable employees to protect themselves sufficiently, they must be informed about the risks associated with epoxy resins and the necessary measures to protect themselves against such risks. the main source of information is usually the safety data sheet. However, many safety data sheets do not provide a sufficient level of detail, are not specific and are not written in a comprehensible way.

The Epoxy Resins working group developed an assessment system with a comprehensive range of specific criteria. The aim of this system is to promote products that are as safe as possible due to improved safety data sheets, additional information and user-friendly container design.

Using an application guide (PDF, 233 kB, nicht barrierefrei) - in German - for the assessment system, manufacturers can assess their containers and improve the product information. This self-assessment can then be sent to the Epoxy Resins working group. If the information is in accordance with the requirements, then the companies are listed here, sorted by industry (in German).

As part of their work, the Epoxy Resins working group is assessing the wide range of possible epoxy resin ingredients in an attempt to identify those that are less hazardous.


Application guide (PDF, 233 kB, nicht barrierefrei) for the assessment system for epoxy resin products (in German)

E I S: Assessment of epoxy resin ingredients