Artificial Intelligence and Software Architecture

The tasks of the Artificial Intelligence and Software Architecture (KISA) subject group include designing, developing and employing methods in the field of artificial intelligence, developing architectures and standards for software development and designing software in a systematic and methodical way.

Another task of the subject group involves educating students that are taking part in the Software Engineering dual study programme.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key topic in the field of science and in society as a whole. Over the coming years, AI will play an increasingly important role in shaping the lives of people and the world of work. AI-based technologies offer a wide range of new possibilities when it comes to safety and health at work. However, these technologies can also bring about new, previously unknown risks.

The Artificial Intelligence and Software Architecture (KISA) subject group aims to be part of the development of AI-based systems from an early stage, to create its own methods and to continuously develop these methods. It is represented in various expert committees surrounding this topic or leads these committees. The subject group also carries out its own research and development, such as that on the use of machine learning to detect (near-)fall situations for the purpose of preventing tripping, slipping and falling accidents.

Software Architecture

Over time, software systems become less clear and easy to understand as their functionality continuously increases, or their performance decreases when they are used on new platforms and in combination with modern technologies. After a certain amount of time has passed, it becomes more difficult to maintain the software and continue to develop it. As a result, the level of errors and malfunctions increases and the level of user satisfaction decreases. Tackling these problems, which are often referred to under the umbrella term “software ageing”, is a key task of the Artificial Intelligence and Software Architecture (KISA) subject group in the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IFA).

We support all departments of the IFA with the planning and structuring of applications, and we also help with the development and design of the software and with the selection of suitable technologies. The objective of this subject group is to increase the quality and adaptability of the software products of the IFA, resulting in increased levels of user satisfaction. The agreed concepts will be implemented in the form of IT standards for the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and the IFA, in order to establish a consistent and homogeneous IT landscape that enables applications to be maintained and further developed more quickly and more cost-effectively.

Practical Training as Part of the Dual Study Programmes "Software Engineering" or "Artificial Intelligence"

In cooperation with Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, we offer two practice-integrated dual study programmes: the studies of "Software Engineering" leading to a Bachelor of Engineering, and the study programme "Artificial Intelligence" leading to a Bachelor of Science. The study programmes consist of five study semesters and three practical semesters. The study semesters take place at the RheinAhrCampus of the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences in Remagen. During the practical phases, the students are supported by the Artificial Intelligence and Software Architecture (KISA) subject group in the IFA, and they also complete their thesis here.

The apprentices are included in the subject group’s work processes from the outset and are given tasks that they are responsible for completing. However, they are always accompanied and supported by a professional. This gives students the opportunity to develop their technical knowledge in a practical setting and get involved with the research and development carried out at the institute at an early stage.

Moritz Schneider
Head of KISA subject group

Phone: +49 30 13001-3164
Mobile: +49 172-3172880