Hand-arm motion recording and analysing system - laboratory and field validation

Project No. BIA 4082


completed 08/2004


The motion recording and analysing system for the upper limbs, developed by the BG Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BIA), was tested under laboratory conditions and in the field (calibration and comparative measurements with the VICON system of the INRS). The accuracy and reproducibility of the measured body angles were of special interest. The primary objective of the project was the validation of the BIA system.


Part of the project consisted in subjecting the systems (INRS, BIA) to two data recording and validation phases under laboratory conditions. On basis of the laboratory validation period a concept for comparative field measurements was to be developed.


Comprehensive comparative measurements involving the two measurement systems were conducted in the laboratory both at the INRS in Nancy, and at the BIA in Sankt Augustin. The measurement results were first used to develop a conversion routine by which the body angles measured external to the joints by means of the BIA measurement system may be converted to actual joint angles. This conversion routine has since been integrated into the BIA software application for calibration of the BIA measurement system, and has been employed successfully in a number of field measurements. In a second stage, comparative measurements of the absolute accuracy of the BIA measurement system were performed on standardized laboratory movements. The results correlated closely to the corresponding body angles.

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  • Hauptverband der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften (HVBG)
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  • Berufsgenossenschaftliches Institut für Arbeitsschutz - BIA

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Messverfahren, Ergonomie, Physikalische Faktoren

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motion analysis, upper limbs, measuring method, ergonomics