Evaluation of exposure

In order for exposure to be evaluated, the field strengths arising are compared with the respective lower and upper action levels. The evaluation is based upon the German Ordinance on electromagnetic fields (EMFV) and the technical rules pursuant to it. The EMFV transposes EU Directive 2013/35/EU into German law.

For many field sources, manufacturers' data or other technical information may be sufficient for evaluation of the exposure. If this information is insufficient or its technical application too complex however, the electromagnetic fields must be measured.

If the action levels are exceeded, protective measures must be taken in order for the workers' exposure to be reduced.

IFA Report 5/2011 concerning electromagnetic fields on installations, machinery and equipment contains an overview of typical exposure scenarios and field sources, together with associated measured values. It also contains background information on the measurement and calculation of electromagnetic fields at the workplace and on their biological effect upon human tissue.

Current situation

At present (as at 12/2017), the technical rules pursuant to the EMFV are still being prepared by the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS). Until they are published, the DGUV accident prevention regulation on electromagnetic fields (DGUV Regulation 15, formerly BGV B11, in German) continues to apply.


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