Schedule and ordering 2020

IFA's dynamic test gas stream

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Scheme of the test gas stream
Source: IFA

There is a limited number of sample ports to load the sample tubes. Upon reaching the maximum number of participants we reserve the right to terminate the registration prematurely.

On request you can be put on the waiting list if a PT is fully booked.

PT scheme Date/Venue Order form
Aldehydes November 2020 Aldehydes (PDF, 1.2 MB)
Aldehydes with own sampling 1st date for the PT:
10 to 11 November 2020
fully booked

2nd date for the PT:
17 to 18 November 2019
fully booked

IFA, Sankt Augustin
Inorganic acids(HCl, HNO3/H2SO4, H3PO4) March 2020 Inorganic Acids (PDF, 764 kB)
Inorganic acids with own sampling (HCl, HNO3/H2SO4, H3PO4) *
Metals on filters May 2020 Metals on filters (PDF, 877 kB)
Organic solvents *
Organic solvents with own sampling *
Volatile organic compounds (VOC) with thermal desorption September 2020

IFA, Sankt Augustin
Volatile organic compounds (VOC) with thermal desorption (PDF, 795 kB)
Volatile organic compounds (VOC) with thermal desorption with own sampling 01 to 02 September 2020

IFA, Sankt Augustin

* At the end of 2019 the chemical and biological analytics section of the IFA moved into a new building. There, an enlarged and technically improved dynamic test gas stream will be set up. Due to a delay in delivery the PT schemes Organic solvents without and with own sampling and the PT scheme Inorganic acids with own sampling cannot be offered in 2020.


Division 2: Chemical and biological hazards

Brigitte Maybaum
Krista Gusbeth
Franziska Nürnberger