Schedule 2024, Registration, Fees

On the IFA's online portal for proficiency testing, you can register for the test of your choice after initial registration:

Online registration

There is a limited number of sample ports to load the sample tubes. Upon reaching the maximum number of participants we reserve the right to terminate the registration prematurely.

On request you can be put on the waiting list if a PT is fully booked.


PT scheme Date/Venue Participation fee
Aldehydes November 2024 770 €
including 5 sample carriers of your choice
plus postage & packing (see below)
Aldehydes with own sampling 1st date:
12.-13. November 2024*

2nd date:
13.-14. November 2024*

IFA, Sankt Augustin

510 €

510 €
Higher molecular weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
Test PT Scheme
January/February 2024 100 €
plus postage & packing (see below)
Inorganic acids (HCl, HNO3/H2SO4, H3PO4)
with and without own sampling
20.-21. March 2024*

With own sampling, IFA, Sankt Augustin

Without own sampling

810 €
plus postage & packing (see below)

710 €
Metals on filters July/August 2024 655 €
plus postage & packing (see below)
Organic solvents with own sampling 20.-21. February 2024*

IFA, Sankt Augustin
510 €
Volatile organic compounds (VOC) with thermal desorption September 2024 700 €
plus postage & packing (see below)
Volatile organic compounds (VOC) with thermal desorption with own sampling 10. September 2024*
IFA, Sankt Augustin
510 €
For the PT schemes without own sampling, the following additional rate for shipping costs applies:
Germany 15 €
EU 30 €
Non EU-countries 50 €
Overseas 75 €
In order to avoid delays in sample shipping, PT samples will only be sent by express.

* The PT schemes with own sampling are carried out according to the Covid 19 hygiene and behavioural specifications of the DGUV in force at the time of performance. You will be informed in advance about the regulations to be observed.

The registration for the PT schemes with own sampling is valid for only one person per participating company or institution. If you would like to participate with more than one person, please contact us in advance.

The PT scheme inorganic acids is offerend again this year.


Department Chemical and Biological Hazards

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