Accidents at school according to the type of educational event in 2021

Sports accidents
Around one sports accident in two occurred during ball games of various types. These were followed, by a wide margin, by gymnastics (on apparatus and mats), track and field athletics, and winter sports. 45% of new school sport accident pensions were due to ball games.

Accidents during breaks
The school playground was the main site of accidents occurring during breaks, accounting for approximately 76% of such accidents. The remaining accidents happened primarily in corridors, in the classroom and on stairs within the school building. In the majority of cases, schoolchildren injured themselves when falling while running, chasing and playing catching games. 11% of the accidents occurring during breaks are a result of fights and scraps.

Accidents during lessons
70% of accidents during lessons occurred in day-care facilities followed by general lessons. In the majority of cases, the accidents occurring in general lessons are knock and bump accidents and falls. Concussions and injuries to the skin surface form the largest category of injuries.

Type of educational event Accidents at school Accidents at school - new pensions
absolute % absolute %
Physical education (PE) 212,076 32.36 25 6.43
Lessons/day-care activities 198,549 30.30 295 75.84
Break 28,227 4.31 31 7.97
Travel and presence at the educational establishment 186,687 28.49 32 8.23
Special events 29,070 4.44 5 1.29
Travel outside the school premises (excluding travel to and from school) 764 0.12 1 0.26
Other/not specified
Total 655,373 100.00 389 100.00