Road traffic accidents according to the form of transport 2019

  • The most common form of road accidents within the scope of pupil accident insurance, by a wide margin, are bicycle accidents.
  • Schoolchildren suffer further accidents in particular as drivers or passengers of passenger cars, as pedestrians and during the use of powered two-wheelers.
  • The great majority of road accidents occurring in the area of non-private transport involve the transport of schoolchildren by means of school buses.
  • The comparatively high number of "other road accidents" is notable. This category of road accidents primarily includes road accidents occurring during excursions or relating to attendance of rural boarding schools.
  • By far the largest share of fatal pupil accidents occurs during travel to and from school which is associated with traffic on public roads and areas.

Forms of transport used in the pupil accident insurance absolute %
Not using a vehicle Pedestrian 5,680 9.13 14.93
Scooter, in-line skates, etc.** 3,606 5.80
Private forms of transport Bicycle 29,960 48.16 70.83
Powered two-wheelers 3,435 5.52
Passenger car 10,165 16.34
Other private forms of transport (not specified) 499 0.80
Public transport School bus 3,137 5.04 7.91
Other bus/other forms of public transport 1,205 1.94
Railbound vehicle 575 0.92
Other * 3,945 6.34 6.34
Total 62,208 100.00 100.00

*) including road accidents among pupil's accidents in the narrower sense
**) added in 2011