Scientific Communication

Camera crew filming employees in the VR lab at the IFA

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Film shooting in the VR lab at IFA
Source: DGUV

The IFA conducts research and testing for the purpose of improving safety and health in the spheres of employment and education. To ensure that the results and findings are available where they are of benefit – not only in the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions, but also directly in schools, universities, other institutions, and companies – the IFA makes use of a wide variety of communication channels in close coordination with the Science Media section.

The team of the Scientific Communication section is involved in the following areas:

  • Public relations work, media contacts
  • Social media
  • Courses, seminars and specialist events (for a national and international audience)
  • Presence at trade fairs
  • Public events (e.g. Bonn Sciences Night, Girls' Day)
  • Support of professional visitors

The section is also responsible for maintaining the DGUV's Risk Observatory and its own body of scientific knowledge.

The Scientific Communication section is part of the IFA's Interdisciplinary Services department.


Dipl.-Übers. Ina Neitzner

Interdisciplinary Services

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