IFA - testing according to the equipment and product safety act

IFA test fields

GS mark

GS mark issued by IFA

IFA is accredited for the testing and certification of the following working equipment according to the equipment and product safety act and can award the GS mark for these products:

  • Hand-operated and semi hand-operated industrial trucks
  • Lifting equipment for elevating operation
  • Devices for the lifting of persons or of persons and goods involving a hazard of falling from a vertical height of more than three meters
  • Dust extractors
  • Welding equipment/machinery
  • Extraction systems
  • Safeguards for person detection
  • Electro-sensitive protective devices
  • Temporary side protection systems
  • Safety nets
  • Safety components for technical work equipment (mechanical, electromechanical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic safety components)