Practical solutions: Hazardous substances

Epoxy resins
Ingredients of epoxy resin systems have sensitising properties: In case of inappropriate use, employees may become sensitized. After this has occurred, contact with epoxy resins can result in ...

GDA Hazardous Substance Check
The GDA Joint German OSH Strategy institutions - the German government, the federal states and the German social accident insurance institutions - launched the 3rd GDA period in mid-2021. Three ...

GESTIS-Stoffenmanager® is an online tool for risk assessment during activities with hazardous substances according to the TRGS 400 and for the non-measuring exposure estimation as required by TRGS 402. It helps identify health hazards arising from inhalative and dermal exposure and select effective protective measures to reduce these hazards.

The GHS Column Model as an aid to selecting substitute substances
Under the German Hazardous Substances Ordinance, firms are required to replace hazardous substances if possible with substances with a lower health risk. As an aid to the assessment of possible ...

Safe laser printers and copiers
It is hard to imagine modern office environments without laser printers and copiers. Owing to their working principle during printing, these items of equipment cause emissions. For the sake of ...

Mercury exposure caused by lamps and liquid crystal display (LCD) devices
Compact fluorescent lamps and fluorescent tubes (including cold-cathode fluorescent tubes used for backlighting LCD TV and monitor screens) contain small quantities of mercury. Light is generated by ...

IFA method for calculating expanded measurement uncertainty