GESTIS Substance Database: Tips & Tricks


Source: kebox/Fotolia

  • Navigation: A substance datasheet is a single web page. Within this page, you can access individual chapters by means of the available links as well as navigate with the aid of the contents.
  • Language selection: After selecting a substance datasheet, you can retrieve the matching German substance datasheet directly by clicking the German flag.
  • Printing: When you have clicked the printer symbol, you can choose the main chapter of a substance that you would like to print. The default setting is “Print all”.
  • Bookmarks/favourites: You can bookmark individual substance datasheets or store them as favourites and access them again via this route.
  • Autocomplete: As soon as you have typed two letters of a search term, all terms starting with the entered sequence of characters are listed. This way you can find your search term more easily.