Single shocks on hand-arm system caused by machines and tools

Project No. FF-FP 0415




The aim of this study is to take a closer look at early health effects of isolated single shock exposures (compared to vibration exposures) on the hand-arm system. Single shocks are suspected to cause more pronounced health effects than "general" vibration exposures implying that especially the use of machines and tools which produce single shock exposures (e. g. nail guns) requires more thoughts about preventive countermeasures. Up to date, knowledge about the early health effects of isolated single shock exposures on the human hand-arm system is to be rated as scarce, but is needed to verify existing DIN-Norms and minimum triggering levels as well as exposure threshold values.


The study is divided into several working packages (WP): In the 1st WP, exposure scenarios are gathered (e. g. by questioning employees) and verified by workplace measurements, in order to create an "exposure map". Furthermore, physical examination measurements are tested for detecting early health effects in a pilot study. The results of this pilot study will be translated into a physical examination concept with which healthy persons will be examined after a standardized bout of single shock exposures. Another WP focuses on the verification of these examination results by mathematical simulation. Apart from that, further examinations are needed to exclude effects of competing factors (exposures, e. g. tennis, golf). Finally, preventive measures will be deduced and finalized in cooperation with experts in the field by a Delphi Process.

Last Update:

5 Feb 2019


Financed by:
  • Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung e. V. (DGUV)
Research institution(s):
  • Universität Lübeck

-cross sectoral-

Type of hazard:

mechanical hazards


physical factors, vibration

Description, key words:

single shocks, hand-arm system, machines, tools, vibrations