Exposure measurement

Gas torch with UV detector

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Measurement on a gas flame by means of a direct-reading instrument.
Source: IFA

On behalf of the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions, the IFA conducts measurements and consulting concerning workplace exposure to radiation. The spectrum of measurements performed extends from simple survey measurements for approximate estimation of the sources presenting a hazard, to detailed study of individual work situations. Such measurements generally last one to two days, depending upon the number of workplaces or sources of radiation examined, and in most cases involve the measurement methods described in EN 14255.

Man with sleeve cuff on the upper arm.

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Instrument worn on the left upper arm for personal long-term UV measurement (GENESIS-UV)
Source: IFA

Individual sources of radiation, where transportable, may be subjected to precise study in the laboratory. Characterization is then performed based upon EN 62471.

Long-term exposure measurements are performed by means of GENESIS.


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