Foreign and EU limit values

The European Commission establishes two kinds of occupational exposure limit values or OELs (indicative OELs and binding OELs) which are published in various directives. The currently applicable limit values can be found in the following directives:

Indicative OELs

  1. List of indicative OELs (Directive 2000/39/EC)
  2. List of indicative OELs (Directive 2006/15/EC)
  3. List of indicative OELs (Directive 2009/161/EU)
  4. List of indicative OELs (Directive 2017/164/EU)

Binding OELs

In cooperation with experts of the countries named below, the IFA has gathered the nationally applicable limit values in the workplace air and the EU limit values in a database. The database contains the limit values from the following countries and sources:


GESTIS International limit values

Further international limit values

Argentina (Spanish)

Brazil (Portugese)

Canada - Alberta (English;
see Table 2, p. S1-2ff.)
Canada - British Columbia (English)

Czech Republic (Czech)

Estonia (Estonian)

India (English,
Homepage of the provider)

Lithuania (.DOC, 1,9 MB) (Lithuanian)

Norway (Norwegian)

Portugal (Portuguese)

Slovakia (Slovak; cancerogenic and mutagenic substances)

South Africa (English)


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