Prolongation of the cooperation agreement with Socieux+

Socieux+ and DGUV extend their collaboration agreement for another 4 years.

After four years of close cooperation, DGUV and Socieux+ extended on 16 December 2020 their cooperation for another four years. Socieux+ is a European initiative that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience between European experts and institutions in partner countries on social security topics. Due to the pandemic, the signing had to take place virtually between the representatives in Berlin, Paris and Brussels. Socieux+ emphasised the extraordinary expertise of the DGUV experts, which was highly appreciated in past missions. With the support of Socieux+, staff of the statutory accident insurance has carried out trainings in areas such as occupational health and safety, rehabilitation strategies and administrative solutions in Malawi, Tanzania, Nigeria, and recently online.

DGUV Director general Dr Hussy explained that the knowledge and experience gained during the missions also contributes to the accident insurance system in Germany, hence the cooperation is a great benefit for all involved partners.