Exposure and Risk Assessment

The department particularly addresses the following tasks in the area of information technology:

  • Research and development concerning healthy work in information technology
  • Software for use by the accident insurance institutions for identification, evaluation and documentation of workplace exposure and for evaluation of the work situation in suspected cases of occupational disease
  • Coordination and further development of scientific and technical information technology at the IFA

The department addresses the topic of risk management across its sections:

  • In the "Applied epidemiology" section: by obtaining findings for the use of epidemiological methods for in-plant prevention and the formulation of regulations
  • In the "Toxicology of industrial chemicals" section: by supporting in-plant prevention and the formulation of regulations through assessment of the health hazards presented by substances and mixtures
  • In the "Exposure Monitoring - MGU" section: by coordinating the Measurement system for exposure assessment of the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions (MGU) and by documenting and evaluating exposure
  • In the "Information on hazardous substances" section: by maintaining the GESTIS hazardous substance information system

The department is divided into five sections:


Gerd Schneider

Exposure and Risk Assessment

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