Accident Prevention: Digitalisation - Technologies

The department "Accident Prevention: Digitalisation - Technologies" is concerned with product safety and accident prevention in the area of commercial products. One focus lies upon technical measures for the protection of persons against mechanical, electrical and thermal hazards. Along with research, advising and standardisation in the areas of accident prevention and product safety, the department is also intensely involved in testing and certifying protective devices, constructional elements, machines, plant and personal protective equipment.

The main fields of investigation include, for example:

  • Constructional elements
  • Construction products
  • Machine and plant safety
  • Man-machine interaction
  • New technologies in the fields of electronics, electrical engineering, fluid technology and mechanics
  • Personal protective equipment against mechanical and thermal hazards
  • Protective equipment of all types on machinery and plant equipment
  • Safety of power drive systems
  • Materials
  • Accident analysis

The department is divided into the sections:


Priv.-Doz. Dr Marc Wittlich

Accident Prevention: Digitalisation - Technologies

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