Evaluation of a protocol on the basis of physical therapy and biomechanics for rating the indication of microprocessor-controlled prosthetic joint systems of the lower limb

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The assessment protocol based on physical therapy assessment and biomechanical assessment aims at reliably and objectively rating of the functional gain obtained by using a new prosthetic joint systems. Reliable objectification can be done by instrumental gait analysis, but this technique is expensive and time-consuming and thus cannot be a widely-used standard method. Aim of this study is the development of a simple testing procedure, showing possibilities for a reliable assessment of a potential gain in function. This shall be done by standardized analysis in physical therapy´s mobility rehabilitation. Time- or cost consuming assessment methods will be avoided. The simplified method shall end in a generalized assessment procedure for rating the functional gain by different prosthetic joint systems.

In order to develop and evaluate the new procedure, different criteria of the functional gain will be correlated using test methods based on gait analysis, physical therapy, clinical observation and patient´s subjective rating.


N=70 patients with an above-knee amputation or knee-disarticulation, who want to update their current knee joint-system to a newer micro-processor equipped system will be recruited. All of them will participate in a testing process of five days, from Monday to Friday. On day 1 the assessment by means of physical therapy and gait analysis on the conventional joint system takes place.

Afterwards orthopaedic technicians will start the change of the joint systems. Day 2 to 4 is the period of training and acclimatization on the new joint system. On the last day of the testing period the second assessment on the new joint system by means of physical therapy, gait analysis and a medical doctor takes place.

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