Health Behaviour and Accidents in School-Age – A Longitudinal Survey

Project No. FF-FP 0347




Accidents show the most frequent cause of death in childhood and youth. Nevertheless, up to now only little is known about the fact which processes show a causal influence on the individual accident biography. This is in particular true for school accidents, which are a less often surveyed in comparison to general accidents. Nevertheless, the explanatory power of the results is limited with look at causal structures, because these are based particularly on cross sectional studies. The present longitudinal study (Panelstudy) aims to win knowledge to causal dimensions of influence and effect mechanisms of school accidents. A special attention is given also to the role of the school as an accident-preventing institution. The findings of the study should generate strategies to prevent accidents in the future.


The project uses written questionnaires administered at schools and a representative random sample is drawn to survey about 15,000 school children in Germany whose accident and injury biographies is surveyed on the base of yearly returning questionings. Beside the capture of individual features of the pupil the quality of the school, like their size or architectural state as well as the school way, are also taken into account. Therefore the data shows several analysis levels and is suitable to identify causal patterns of school accidents. At the same time it is possible to analyze to which share school accidents account on individual or on school features.

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  • Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung e. V. (DGUV)
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  • Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main

public service

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mechanical hazards, work organization/safety and health management


prevention, accident causes, education

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Health Behaviour, Accidents School-Age. Longitudinal Survey