Impact of occupational noise induced hearing loss on central auditory processing

Project No. FF-FB 0078


completed 12/2006


In order to determine central auditory processing disorders in persons with occupational noise induced hearing loss, such psychoacoustic tests were conducted that in a previous clinical study were found to be sensitive for the diagnosis of central auditory processing disorders.


Discrimination of basic acoustic sound features using the 3AFC procedure. Interaural and dichotic sound presentation.


It could be shown that in consequence of noise-induced hearing loss an impairment of central auditory processing can occur.

This central auditory deficiency may contribute to an impaired speech perception in noisy environment (cocktail party effect).

The processing deficiency is not reflected by the audiological testing incorporated in the evaluation process. Employment of binaural tests for a comprehensive diagnose of hearing deficits gets obvious in order to adjust rehabilitation measures.

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  • Hauptverband der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften (HVBG)
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  • Universität Leipzig

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Arbeitsbedingte Erkrankungen, Lärm/Vibrationen


Berufskrankheit, Lärm

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Noise, noise induced hearing loss, central auditory processing