Topic Centre on Research - Work and Health 2002

Project No. BIA 0071


completed 11/2002


The information on OSH research was to be consolidated and extended within the European network for occupational safety and health of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.


The existing information system was adapted to the current needs of users in a number of sub-projects. In the process, new subjects and contents were added. An additional component involved design of an information service for research in the area of emerging OSH risks. The new information service was based upon existing specialist information and expertise. In order to assist OSH research institutions in the planning of research projects, a guide was drafted which lists the funding opportunities available at European level, and includes hints for successful application and partner search. All components were updated with the latest information and maintained up to date.


Additional OSH research information on the Internet has been identified and evaluated, in particular on the subjects of workplace stress and hazardous substances. The existing information system has been continually updated. A promotion plan for TC/WH products has been drawn up. As a means of improving the usability of the data presented on the Internet, an OSH thesaurus currently under development has been evaluated. An information structure for the presentation of OSH research funding has been designed and corresponding information has been collected and validated. Examples of existing information systems on emerging risks, not restricted to OSH, have been analysed. Further information on emerging OSH risks has been collected. At the same time, 48 experts have been interviewed on the issue of emerging physical/mechanical OSH risks. The interviews were based upon a questionnaire developed by the TC. A concept for presentation on the Internet of the information gained has been drafted and will be available in 2003.


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  • Europäische Agentur für Sicherheit und Gesundheit bei der Arbeit
  • Bilbao
Research institution(s):
  • INRS (Frankreich)
  • BIA (Deutschland)
  • AMI (Dänemark)
  • AUVA (Österreich)
  • BAuA (Deutschland)
  • FIOH (Finnland)
  • HSL (Großbritannien)
  • INSHT (Spanien)
  • ISPESL (Italien)
  • OSHII (Irland)
  • PREVENT (Belgien)
  • TNO (Niederlande)

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Informationssystem, Prävention

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internet, information system, research, safety and health protection at work, research funding, partner search, future risks