CUELA service project

Project No. BGIA 4123


completed 03/2008


The CUELA system (computer-aided measurement and long-term analysis of load upon the musculoskeletal system) was developed by the BGIA - Institute for Occupational Safety and Health for the objective measurement of musculoskeletal load in prevention activity, and also in order to support the procedure for investigation of formally recognized cases of occupational disease. The CUELA system is intended for local use at the BGs, the institutions for statutory accident insurance and prevention (see BGIA Project 4103, "CUELA introductory project"). Results and experience gained during performance of the measurements were pooled among CUELA users in a working group. Where used in specific sectors, the measurement system must be adapted if necessary to the load situations arising locally in the field, and dedicated analysis algorithms must be developed. For this reason, at the request of the CUELA users within the BGs, a CUELA service project was launched which makes provision for sustained co-operation with the BGIA in the ongoing development, updating and maintenance of the measurement system.


A service agreement was drawn up setting out the following services for support of the CUELA users at the BGs: further development and adaptation of the CUELA hardware and software to specific workplace conditions; research and development of new evaluation and analysis methods by which the CUELA measurement data can be exploited for very selective preventive activity; creation and maintenance of a database for the archiving of CUELA measurement data and searches within it; and repair and replacement of CUELA hardware components in the event of damage.


The repair and service functions were delivered to the accident insurance institutions involved over the entire duration of the project. The CUELA users received regular further training and support on courses and in user meetings. For archiving and processing of CUELA measurement data, a database was set up and the relevant hardware and software adjustments made. The database is currently being trialled as part of the pan-BG "Gonkatast" project.
In response to an initiative by the accident insurance institutions which particularly addresses ergonomic analysis in new areas of application such as seated and confined workplaces, the CUELA hardware and software were developed further by research and by reference to recent publications. For this purpose, further miniaturization of the hardware and the use of new sensor technology were necessary. These developments are not complete, and are to be pursued further in a follow-on project.

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9 Mar 2009


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  • Hauptverband der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften (HVBG)
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  • Berufsgenossenschaftliches Institut für Arbeitsschutz - BGIA

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Arbeitsbedingte Gesundheitsgefahren, Handhabung von Lasten, Gestaltung von Arbeit und Technik


Arbeitsplatzgestaltung, Messverfahren, Heben und Tragen von Lasten

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personal system for the measurement of musculoskeletal stress, computer-aided measurement and long-term analysis of stress upon the musculoskeletal system (CUELA), ergonomics, practical use, workplace design, objective stress measurement