Mechanical hazards

(Information sheets "Focus on IFA's work" and "Focus on IAG's work" as pdf-files)

Photo: IFA employee at the force-pressure measuring device

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Testing the collision forces of a collaborative robot system (from "Focus in IFA's work No. 0419").
Source: IFA

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Title Number
Acceleration measuring devices for truck crash simulators 0273 (PDF, 109 kB, non-accessible)
A new app: evaluating the incentive to defeat protective devices on machinery 0395 (PDF, 228 kB, non-accessible)
Combinations of PPE – falling safety, respiratory protection and protective headwear 0107 (PDF, 480 kB, non-accessible)
Correct evaluation of collaborative robot safety 0419
Crushing forces of power operated doors 0031 (PDF, 322 kB, non-accessible)
Durability tests of electromechanical safety components 0181 (PDF, 118 kB, non-accessible)
Electrical safety: implementation of the five safety rules in control systems 0357 (PDF, 178 kB, non-accessible)
Eye tracking on construction sites 0382 (PDF, 117 kB, non-accessible)
Force/pressure measuring instrument for the assessment of collaborating robots 0350 (PDF, 117 kB, non-accessible)
Guards on stationary grinding machines 0336 (PDF, 102 kB, non-accessible)
How should workplaces involving collaborative robots be designed? 0348 (PDF, 126 kB, non-accessible)
Human mechanical strain limits (pain thresholds) 0372 (PDF, 755 kB, non-accessible)
Needlestick injuries to health care workers 0254 (PDF, 113 kB, non-accessible)
New web portal: defeating of protective equipment on machinery 0333 (PDF, 134 kB, non-accessible)
Occupational safety at workplaces involving collaborative robots 0293 (PDF, 128 kB, non-accessible)
Practical support in the development of safe machine control systems 0279 (PDF, 245 kB, non-accessible)
Programming languages with limited capabilities useful for safety applications 0050 (PDF, 213 kB, non-accessible)
Programming standard for safe machine controls 0237 (PDF, 308 kB, non-accessible)
Programming systems for safety controls 0258 (PDF, 315 kB, non-accessible)
Safe narrow pathways in rack warehouses 0200 (PDF, 538 kB, non-accessible)
Safety microcontrollers growing in popularity 0340 (PDF, 125 kB, non-accessible)
Safety risks of maintenance work on hydraulic machinery 0185 (PDF, 152 kB, non-accessible)
Safety testing on abrasive products 0089 (PDF, 111 kB, non-accessible)
Self-tests for microprocessors incorporating safety functions 0266 (PDF, 640 kB, non-accessible)
Simple assessment of safety controls 0253 (PDF, 116 kB, non-accessible)
SISTEMA software for the assessment of safe controls on machines 0277 (PDF, 124 kB, non-accessible)
Slip resistance of shoes on snow and ice 0354 (PDF, 162 kB, non-accessible)
Standard bus systems in safety technology 0147 (PDF, 336 kB, non-accessible)
Testing of the non-slip characteristics of floor surfacing 0086 (PDF, 143 kB, non-accessible)
The defeating of protective devices on machines 0252 (PDF, 521 kB, non-accessible)
The selection and use of pneumatic positioning switches 0166 (PDF, 101 kB, non-accessible)
Use of a modified joystick for the avoidance of crushing accidents on elevating work platforms 0332 (PDF, 173 kB, non-accessible)
Using laser scanners 0136 (PDF, 282 kB, non-accessible)
Using virtual reality to prevent occupational accidents 0299 (PDF, 113 kB, non-accessible)

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