Safety and health protection at work

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Improving labour and social standards in the Pakistani textile industry (see "Focus on IAG's work No. 3105")
Source: IAG

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Title Number
A new app: evaluating the incentive to defeat protective devices on machinery 0395 (PDF, 228 kB, non-accessible)
Checklists for the selection of personal protective equipment (PPE) 0270 (PDF, 132 kB, non-accessible)
Correct evaluation of collaborative robot safety 0419
Does wearing disposable gloves improve hygiene at fresh food counters? 0283 (PDF, 122 kB, non-accessible)
Establishing reference values for indoor workplaces 0349 (PDF, 398 kB, non-accessible)
Improving labour and social standards in the Pakistani textile industry 3105
Indoor workplaces – investigation of the working environment
0149 (PDF, 399 kB, non-accessible)
Lighting during flexible working hours 3099
Mobility: a two-edged sword – A task and skills analysis of mobile IT-supported work 0339 (PDF, 124 kB, non-accessible)
New trends in the world of work – The DGUV’s Trend Search NEW 0428
Prevention of occupational accidents: The Prevention Index in practice 0347 (PDF, 88 kB, non-accessible)
Security in safety-relevant control systems 0400 (PDF, 104 kB, non-accessible)
System for the three-dimensional measurement of hand forces 0289 (PDF, 106 kB, non-accessible)
The Risk Observatory of the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions (RIBEO UV) 0365 (PDF, 205 kB, non-accessible)
The use of VDUs at drivers' workplaces 0300 (PDF, 448 kB, non-accessible)
Transponder technology for the protection of persons 0291 (PDF, 135 kB, non-accessible)
Use of smartglasses for safety checks on industrial trucks 0391 (PDF, 112 kB, non-accessible)
Use of tablet PCs and smartphones for machine control 0398 (PDF, 191 kB, non-accessible)
Use of virtual reality during the planning phase to eliminate occupational safety and health risks 0417
Web portal: indoor workplaces 0328 (PDF, 136 kB, non-accessible)

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