Competence Centre for Artificial intelligence and Big Data

Consultancy and support on AI and big data

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data are currently regarded as key technologies of the future. While offering a wide range of new opportunities in safety and health at work, these technologies also involve a number of risks.

Specifically concerning occupational safety and health, the use of AI in the workplace heralds new prospects for the technical prevention of accidents through innovative supportive and protective functionalities. On the other hand, the use of AI-based processes can affect both the physical and mental strain of the workforce. We can therefore observe a growing interest in research, development and consultancy into AI, not only within statutory accident insurance institutions, but also among many manufacturers of machinery and safety products.

The Competence Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (Kompetenzzentrum Künstliche Intelligenz und Big Data, KKI) at the IFA bundles professional IFA expertise in those areas, forming a central point of contact and offering a wide range of services:

  • Research, consultancy and standardisation regarding trustworthy AI
  • Consultancy on the relevance and feasibility of projects
  • Identification of new issues and research objectives
  • Supervision of AI (sub-)projects and theses / dissertations
  • Practical training as part of the Dual Study Programme "Artificial Intelligence"
  • Planning of project design and professional support during the course of a project
  • Support in the testing and certification of AI systems and applications

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Moritz Schneider

Head of KKI

Exposure and Risk Assessment

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Dr Marcel Beckers

Accident Prevention: Digitalisation - Technologies

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