Specific physical hazards

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Truck with measurement device

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Test arrangement on the side window of a goods vehicle
Source: IFA

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Title Number
Anti-vibration gloves 0025 (PDF, 128 kB)
Call centres: selection of suitable headsets 0209 (PDF, 126 kB)
Climate and air quality in call centres 0195 (PDF, 519 kB)
Dynamic dummy for the testing of drivers' seats 0224 (PDF, 129 kB)
Electromagnetic fields on hand held
spot-welding guns
0213 (PDF, 465 kB)
Exposure of professional divers to noise when wearing heavy diving helmets 0315 (PDF, 125 kB)
Hand-arm vibration: auxiliary handles with vibration attenuation 0235 (PDF, 189 kB)
Hand-arm vibration during work on woodworking machines 0211 (PDF, 171 kB)
Hand-arm vibration from working with sanding machines 0163 (PDF, 136 kB)
Hand-arm vibration: hazard analysis of reciprocating saws 0295 (PDF, 126 kB)
Hand-arm vibration: Protection by using low-vibration equipment and machines 0134 (PDF, 110 kB)
Hand-arm vibration: risk analysis of chainsaws 0368 (PDF, 205 kB)
Hand-arm vibration: risk analysis of oscillating knives 0294 (PDF, 370 kB)
Hand-arm vibration: risk assessment in dental laboratories 0323 (PDF, 117 kB)
Hand-arm vibration: risk assessment of brush cutters 0330 (PDF, 355 kB)
Hand-arm vibration: risk assessment of stoneworking machinery 0256 (PDF, 114 kB)
Hand-arm vibration: round-robin test to determine the measurement uncertainty 0377 (PDF, 128 kB)
Hand-arm vibrations from impact screw and nut drivers 0143 (PDF, 113 kB)
Hand-arm vibrations: Measurement precision on hammering and turning machinery 0210 (PDF, 397 kB)
Harmonized warning signal for track work 0334 (PDF, 118 kB)
Hazard presented by UV radiation: collection of exposure data 0373 (PDF, 680 kB)
Low-noise circular-saw blades 0222 (PDF, 515 kB)
Measurement and assessment of optical radiation exposure at workplaces 0215 (PDF, 107 kB)
Model of ideal room ventilation 0243 (PDF, 221 kB)
Noise exposure at construction site workplaces 0053 (PDF, 121 kB)
Noise prediction for new production facilities 0055 (PDF, 298 kB)
Noise reduction by decoupled mounting of machines 0271 (PDF, 115 kB)
Noise reduction on compressed-air nozzles 0001 (PDF, 104 kB)
Protection against noise for engine drivers and engine driver/shunters 0335 (PDF, 116 kB)
Reduction of vibration on an all-wheel-drive
off-road vehicle
0173 (PDF, 111 kB)
Selection of hearing protectors for extreme shots on indoor shooting ranges 0052 (PDF, 241 kB)
Sound exposure of music teachers 0257 (PDF, 116 kB)
UV transmission of vehicle windows 0387 (PDF, 152 kB)
Whole-body vibration exposure during fork-lift truck travel over ramps 0241 (PDF, 107 kB)
Whole-body vibration exposure: changes to the frequency weighting 0234 (PDF, 131 kB)
Whole-body vibration on a pallet truck 0120 (PDF, 108 kB)
Whole-body vibration strains on drivers of lorries of up to 7.5t 0129 (PDF, 385 kB)

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