Whole-body and hand-arm vibration

Test person in a forklift truck

Whole-body vibration measurement to determine the hazards of a forklift truck
Source: IFA

Test person working with a demolition hammer

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Vibration load from working with a demolition hammer
Source: DGUV

The fields covered in the "Vibration" section of the department Ergonomics, Physical Environmental Factors include whole-body and hand-arm vibration. The focal points are:

  • Vibration measurement at workplaces
    Whole-body vibration: vehicles, mobile machinery, watercrafts and aircrafts, buildings
    Hand-arm vibration: hand-guided and hand-held tools and machinery, final control elements at mobile and stationary machinery
  • Hazard evaluation and risk assessment at workplaces
  • Conducting vibration research projects to explore basic questions in practice (e.g. EU project)
  • Test functions that are described in test principles include determining of the vibration emissions (PDF, 108 kB, nicht barrierefrei) from machinery, the damping properties of drivers' seats, vibration protective gloves, and handle materials
  • Advice on questions of vibration prevention with suggestions for suitable vibration protection measures, such as selecting suitable driver seats for mobile machinery and anti-vibration devices against hand-arm vibration effects
  • Consultation in all questions of measurement and testing technology for determining vibration effects on humans
  • Supporting the German Social Accident Insurers in occupational medical histories in occupational disease proceedings
  • Seminars and training programmes for technical monitoring personnel
  • Cooperation in committees and working groups
  • Informative publication by the DGUV Woodworking and metalworking expert committee on vibration and vibration measurement

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