Prevention fundamentals

  • Prevention fundamentals

The German social accident insurance system is part of Germany’s social security system, and aims to protect the working population and special groups such as school pupils and students (when on their way to and from or at their educational institution) from occupational accidents and the consequences thereof. Its statutory mandate comprises the fields of "prevention", "rehabilitation" and "compensation". As one of this trio of duties, prevention targets the primary objective of preventing occupational accidents, occupational diseases and work-related health hazards and ensuring the delivery of effective first aid. Contemporary prevention adopts a holistic approach comprising measures in the fields of both occupational safety and health (OSH) and health protection. The goal of prevention is Vision Zero - a world without occupational accidents and work-related diseases. Vision Zero is the goal of a comprehensive culture of prevention.

The above-mentioned statutory mandate is successfully fulfilled by the German social accident insurance institutions. The prevention work they carry out is designed to guarantee safety and health in commercial and public companies, children’s daycare facilities and educational institutions and amongst volunteers (the primary focus being members of volunteer fire brigades). Their duties include consulting and monitoring, research, initial and further training and the dissemination of information as well as rules and regulations – all of which combine to provide a strong foundation for safety and health in companies, educational facilities and the field of road safety.