Brief overview of the new prevention campaign on Culture of Prevention

The new joint prevention campaign between the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and its member institutions for the public and private sectors started in October 2017. The campaign is dedicated to raising awareness of safety and health as important values for all people, all organisations and for society as a whole as well as integrating safety and health into how we think and act. The aim is to have safety and health as the benchmark for all of our actions and to always consider them as important criteria for all decisions in order to establish a good culture of prevention in every company and institution.

Since a change in values, value systems and culture can only take place over a longer period of time, the campaign will run for up to 10 years. The campaign will be continuously evaluated.

Six fields of action have been identified, as a whole they form the culture of prevention of a company:


The various fields of action do not stand on their own, they intersect and supplement one another. They are outlined in the Strategic Concept. (PDF, 671 kB)

There are guidelines and tips for the workplace as well as materials for prevention specialists available: An example of the tools on offer are the "kommmitmensch-Dialoge". They are an easy-to-use tool designed to help prevention professionals and companies instruct managers and workers in fun way of how to jointly assess how they currently deal with safety and health and to develop ways to change.

The communication work for the campaign places a strong focus on social media. The campaign has a presence across almost all social media channels in order to reach the younger target group in particular. Videos are a major component.

In addition, there is a short explanatory video about the new prevention campaign.


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