Acquiring skills and competences

Acquiring skills and competences

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New teaching and learning methods
Digitalisation places growing demands not only on workers’ qualifications, but also on new methods of teaching and learning. The DGUV offers its members information and training on this subject, as well as special e-learning applications for use in blended learning courses.

Safety and health competences
New forms of work such as part-time work, temp work, solo self-employment, marginal employment (mini jobs) or a mix of these forms of work are all changing the world of work. A number of professional activities, as well as voluntary work, caring for relatives or other non-work activities, can result in an overall increased burden.

The transformation of the world of work is generally associated with more self-responsibility and skills regarding safe and healthy working and living. As such, developing and promoting safety and health competences is essential. In order to get across the importance of the topic as early as possible and to promote awareness of it even among the youngest children, the German social accident insurance is also committed to teaching key safety and health content to children in day-care centres. This is also an area it focuses on as the coordinating body of the European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health (ENETOSH).


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