Fire protection

Fire protection

Source: DGUV

Accidents are often directly caused by fires and explosions. The loss of human life and adverse effect on health brought about by fire and accompanying issues are far more serious than any related material damage. Around 3,500 occupational accidents attributable to fire and/or explosions have been reported to the German social accident insurance institutions over the last few years, with injuries generally caused as a result of the direct exposure of unprotected parts of the human body to fire, burning clothes or smoke gases. Preventive and protective measures are therefore of increasing importance in the field of fire protection.

Technical and organizational safety measures which target the protection of the life and limb of working people are elements for consideration in the planning of workplaces and production processes, and also include measures which protect against fire and explosions. They are the responsibility of companies themselves and designated employees. In addition to ensuring the efficiency, profitability and safety of the respective work system, an optimally designed workplace must therefore also guard against the destruction of work equipment by external influences such as fire and explosions.


Tim Pelzl
Office of the Expert Committee "Fire- and emergency services, Fire protection"
c/o German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the public sector in Baden-Württemberg