DGUV successfully defends itself against the spread of false information concerning the wearing of masks



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DGUV fights false allegations (Photo: Bits and Splits - stock.adobe.com)

The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) has obtained a temporary injunction against attorney Ralf Ludwig at Leipzig Regional Court (Ref. 09 O 2588/20). According to this injunction, Ludwig is prohibited by the court, under penalty of the ordinary legal process, from claiming or distributing the following, or allowing the following to be claimed or distributed:

  • The DGUV has confirmed that no mask, regardless of any impediment to breathing, may be worn for more than two hours in Germany, that it must be removed after two hours, and that a half-hour break must be taken.
  • The DGUV has now confirmed that such masks may not be worn without a medical examination.
  • Because this confirmation comes from the DGUV, every teacher, every head teacher, and every employer is personally liable if something happens as a result of wearing a mask.

Ludwig made these false allegations during an appearance at the side-lines of a demonstration in Leipzig on 7 November 2020. The appearance was recorded on video and distributed via YouTube and other social networks. The widespread dissemination of these allegations has caused great uncertainty among companies, employees, teaching staff, parents and pupils regarding the wearing of masks. This is evidenced by the numerous enquiries that the DGUV and the German social accident insurance institutions have received since the release of these allegations just over a week ago.

The latest information on occupational safety and health regarding Sars-CoV-2 is available at www.dguv.de/en and www.dguv.de.


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