DGUV Kompakt 2019

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  • The Council Recommendation on access to social protection initiated by the European Commission is to be formally adopted by the middle of the year. The Commission wants to stimulate national debates and reforms in order to extend social security for employees and the self-employed.
  • The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) is celebrating its 25th anniversary. DGUV Kompakt spoke with its Director, Dr Christa Sedlatschek, about what EU-OSHA can do to support EU countries in the changing world of work.
  • According to the European Commission, around 25,000 people lost their lives in road traffic accidents in 2017. New rules for better road safety were passed by the EU Parliament at the end of March. These include mandatory turn-assist systems for buses and trucks. By 2024, these must be installed in all new vehicles.


  • At the end of 2018, the DGUV Member’s Meeting adopted a revised position on prevention. It describes in ten points the most important action areas for safety and health in the changing worlds of work and education.
  • More than 300 million people worldwide still live in extreme working poverty. For 100 years, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has been committed to advancing social justice through decent work. The ILO’s Global Commission on the Future of Work recently published a report setting out a people-centred agenda. Interview with Dr Annette Niederfranke, Director of the ILO Office for Germany, on the report’s content, implementation and outlook.
  • After a series of long negotiations, the European Labour Authority (ELA) is due to start operations this year. Its most important goal is fair, non-bureaucratic labour mobility within the EU. The German Social Insurance (DSV), representative of the umbrella associations of Germany’s social insurance institutions, has criticised the transfer of bodies and tasks from the Administrative Commission for the Coordination of Social Insurance Systems to the ELA.

February / March

  • The German Social Accident Insurance has released its new Strategy Paper on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It stipulates that inclusion is a cross-cutting, leadership task. It also aims to strengthen and promote disability sport structures in Germany.
  • Are 'analogue' museums still relevant? More than ever, says Gregor Isenbort, Director of the DASA Working World Exhibition in Dortmund. In an interview with DGUV Kompakt he talks about the challenges of staying topical and relevant in the digital age and gives us a sneak peek at future topics at the museum.
  • Brexit and its impact are causing a great deal of uncertainty. An unregulated withdrawal of the UK from the European Union is becoming increasingly likely. The German Social Accident Insurance has published information on its website about insurance protection, contribution obligations and compensation.


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